Youth voter surge in 2015 delivered marriage equality, in 2018 it can deliver Repeal

Commenting on reports this morning that show that up to 125,000 people have been registered in recent months, Solidarity TD Ruth Coppinger said that such levels of voter registration was unprecedented and showed the desire for social change among young people. 

The Dublin West TD said "The level of voter registration is huge and unprecedented. It is over twice the number which we saw register in the run up to the Marriage Equality referendum which delivered progressive social change. In 2018, this bigger surge can deliver repeal of the 8th.
"A high percentage of those who registered will be young people, many will be voting for the first time.  The work done by organisations like the Union of Students in Ireland has played an important part in registering people over the last year, in the last few months they alone have registered 27,000 students and advised thousands of others on how to register. 
"Young people have been one of the key forces in this referendum campaign, but also before that it was the movement of young people and women which has forced abortion rights to the top of the political agenda. There is a desire among a younger generation for progressive social change in society.
"The opinion polls show that 67% of 18-24 year olds support repeal . It is important that young people who want to see change get active over the last few days. But also more crucially that young people turnout on Friday in huge numbers to secure a historic victory."