Real change, not spare change

Solidarity is about bringing together all the emerging campaigns and movements against inequality and injustice, and building a new political alternative, to fight for a left government. If we are to deliver real change, we will need to build a new party, for the millions not the millionaires.


100% Pro-choice

The 8th amendment and the denial of abortion rights is another in a long list of injustices imposed by the Irish capitalist establishment and the Catholic Church . We need to build a left alternative that fights for repeal, and pro-choice legislation that stops forcing women abroad, or threatening them with jail for having an abortion. This is part of a broader struggle to separate church and state once and for all.

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Challenging the 1%'s rigged economy

Between 2010 and 2016 the super rich in Ireland doubled their wealth from €50 billion to €100 billion while working class people had a diet of austerity imposed on them. Big business have increased their profits from €22 billion to €34 billion in the last two years while wages have remained stagnant. We need to break with profit driven system capitalism if our needs our need our to be met and a decent of living is to be provided for all.

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Standing with workers and the 99%

Over 100 years ago, Connolly and Larkin argued workers needed to organise fighting trade unions in their workplaces, and build a political voice of their own in their communities. A century on, this is as true now as ever. Workers rights and conditions are under attack, and we can only fight back standing together, building a the workers movement industrially and politically.

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  • Latest news, analysis and statements

    Solidarity statement on the visit of Pope Francis

    Many people will, rightly, be sickened by the red carpet being rolled out and the fawning approach of the Irish establishment to Pope Francis and the Vatican. This is because of the repressive role which the church has played in Irish society over the last century, and the continued fraudulent covering up of child sex abuse internationally by the Vatican which continues to this day.
    The inadequate apology which was issued by the Pope for the crimes of the Catholic Church has rightly been rejected by survivors in Ireland and internationally. The Catholic Church and the Vatican have for decades covered up cases of child sexual abuse, and facilitated this by moving priests from parish to parish where they continued their abuse. In recent weeks this has again been highlighted by the abuse scandal in Pennsylvania where over 300 priests were involved in abusing at least 1,000 children.
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    Growing inequality highlighted by massive pay-gap between bosses & workers

    Solidarity TD MICK Barry this morning called for a a 'dramatic narrowing' of the pay gap between bosses and workers and has proposed a number of measures to fight the growing inequality in Irish society.
    His call came after the IRISH TIMES reported that the bosses of Ireland’s top 20 companies (ISEQ 20) are paid on average 33 times more than their staff.

    Average pay for an ISEQ 20 CEO now stands at €1.88 million per annum compared to an average pay rate for ISEQ 20 employees of €55,595, a differential of 33 to 1.
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