Real change, not spare change

Solidarity is about bringing together all the emerging campaigns and movements against inequality and injustice, and building a new political alternative, to fight for a left government. If we are to deliver real change, we will need to build a new party, for the millions not the millionaires.


100% Pro-choice

The 8th amendment and the denial of abortion rights is another in a long list of injustices imposed by the Irish capitalist establishment and the Catholic Church . We need to build a left alternative that fights for repeal, and pro-choice legislation that stops forcing women abroad, or threatening them with jail for having an abortion. This is part of a broader struggle to separate church and state once and for all.

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Challenging the 1%'s rigged economy

Between 2010 and 2016 the super rich in Ireland doubled their wealth from €50 billion to €100 billion while working class people had a diet of austerity imposed on them. Big business have increased their profits from €22 billion to €34 billion in the last two years while wages have remained stagnant. We need to break with profit driven system capitalism if our needs our need our to be met and a decent of living is to be provided for all.

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Standing with workers and the 99%

Over 100 years ago, Connolly and Larkin argued workers needed to organise fighting trade unions in their workplaces, and build a political voice of their own in their communities. A century on, this is as true now as ever. Workers rights and conditions are under attack, and we can only fight back standing together, building a the workers movement industrially and politically.

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