Real change, not spare change


 €15 an hour minimum wage now for all those aged 16 and over with no exemptions.  

Abolish all forms of precarity. For a guaranteed set of hours with permanent contracts for all workers. 

For a 30-hour, 4-day working week without loss of pay. 

Repeal all anti-trade union laws in the 1990 Industrial Relations Act. All workers must be organised in the union of their choice. 

Organise all workers in a union. For a militant trade union movement based on the traditions of Connolly and Larkin. All officials should be elected, subject to recall and live on the wages of the workers they represent. 



Real rent controls now. Reduce and cap rents to levels that are affordable. Ban evictions. 

End profiteering as the basis for housing provision. For a massive programme to build social and affordable homes on public land, combined with the building of the necessary infrastructure for new communities. Seize all vacant properties and unused land that is being hoarded for profit.

Bring the banks into democratic public ownership and reduce mortgage payments to affordable levels. 

Build homes on a cost-price basis by taking the construction industry into public ownership and out of the hands of the profiteers. 


Climate change

For massive investment in a reliable, free and integrated public transport system. 

Complete opposition to fracking. End the reliance on fossil fuels. For massive state investment in renewable energy and green-friendly jobs. 

For a just transition to a zero carbon economy with no job losses or regressive taxes. Take the fossil fuel companies, agribusiness and big business into democratic public ownership.


Public services

End church control of schools and hospitals. Separate church and state now. Nationalise church-owned land where public services reside with no compensation. 

End the unjust, two-tier health service. For a public, secular national health service free at the point of use. Nationalise all privately owned hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. 

For a secular, free education system. Abolish all forms of third-level fees. For a living grant for all those who need it. Build affordable, on-campus accommodation. 


Oppose discrimination and division 

End all forms of racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.

For a LGBTQ-inclusive sex education system. 

Working class people should not be divided and in competition for the scarce resources the profit system provides- We need homes and property public funded services to meet the needs of all. 

Defend the right to asylum. Abolish all racist immigration controls and laws. End all deportations. For the right to work for all migrants and asylum seekers. 

Abolish the racist and inhumane system of Direct Provision. Invest in culturally appropriate accommodation for Travellers. 

Socialist feminism 

End the gender pay gap. For a free, publicly-owned childcare service. 

Feminising the capitalist elite will not bring change. For a Socialist Feminist movement that unites the whole working class in the struggle against gender-based violence, oppression and capitalism. 


National Question 

For the unity of working class, Protestant and Catholic, North and South, in opposition to all forms of sectarianism, paramilitarism and state repression. 

There is no just or democratic solution to the national question on the basis of capitalism. 

For a socialist Ireland, with no coercion and the right of minorities guaranteed. For a free, equal and voluntary socialist confederation of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales.  



Tax the super-rich and big business. Abolish all tax exemptions that they benefit from. Double the rate of corporation tax to 25%. 

Capitalism is a system based on exploitation, climate catastrophe, war and division. We need a struggle by the global working class to end its rule. 

Build a new mass party of the working class that struggles for a socialist government that breaks with capitalism. 

Take the key sectors of the economy into public ownership under the control of the working class. For a democratic socicalist plan of production to meet our needs and those of our environment. 

Oppose all capitalist wars and occupations. US military out of Shannon. Solidarity with the struggles of workers and oppressed people throughout our planet. 

Oppose the bosses’ EU. For a socialist Europe, in a socialist world.