Solidarity TD calls for JobPath to be scrapped

Following the release of documents which show that only 18% of those who take part in the JobPath scheme find a job, Solidarity TD Paul Murphy has called for the scheme to be scrapped. 

He has also pointed to the link between the scheme being launched and the sharp rise in the number of penalties being applied to those on social welfare and claimed that people were being harassed and bullied by the companies who run the schemes Seetec and Turas Nua.

Paul Murphy TD said ''JobPath and other labour activation schemes should be scrapped immediately. The labour activation model which was first introduced by the Labour Party has utterly failed.''

The Solidarity TD, who launched the anti-JobBridge campaign ScamBridge, compared the two schemes saying both were aimed at 'criminalising the unemployed'.

He continued ''If you compare the 'success rate' of JobPath to the previous scheme JobBridge they are quite similar, both around 20%. These schemes aren't helping people back into work, rather they're claiming credit for people who most likely would have got jobs without their help, actually getting employment. Sepeic and Turas Nua are picking the low-hanging fruit and getting paid handsomely for it.

''The real difference between them is that they government have outsourced the services to a private company Seetec, who have a track record in Britain of serious corruption and abuse of people who use their services. 
''They are not helping people who are long term unemployed, instead we see people who have become newly unemployed or just finished third level being sent to JobPath.''

He said that the companies were using the threat of penalties to people's dole as a threat to get them onto the scheme. He cited the 'massive increase' in penalties since the scheme launched.

He said ''Both Turas Nua and Seetec are putting their profits first when they provide this service. They engage in bullying and harassment of unemployed people who use their service, and use the threat of applying penalties on people's dole to exert power over them. 
''This is reflected in the sharp increase in penalties which has taken place since JobPath was established. JobPath was launched in 2015. In the previous 4 years up until then, 14,279 penalties had been applied to people. However, since then this has skyrocketed to over 16,000 last year alone. 
''The scheme needs to be scrapped alongside all the other activation measures. We need real training and education opportunities for people who are unemployed, not forced onto schemes with a metaphorical gun to their head.''