Sex Education - Protest Works, Support the #SexEdBill

Responding to reports that the government are to review the sex education curriculum, Solidarity TD Ruth Coppinger said that the review is due to the pressure being exerted by protests and Solidarity’s Sex Education Bill.
The Objective Sexual Education Bill is due to be debated in the Dáil on April 18th. 
Ruth Coppinger said “The review of sex education is due to pressure the government are under following the #WeStandWithHer protests and Solidarity’s sex education Bill. 
“The message to everyone who marched on Saturday is clear - protest works. 
“Solidarity’s #SexEd Bill will fully remove religious ethos as a barrier to the the teaching of comprehensive sex education in schools. There is no point in reviewing the curriculum if laws still allow school boards use their religious ethos to prevent aspects of sex education being taught. The minister has not said this will be done. 
“Previously when I’ve questioned Minister Bruton on this in the Dáil, he has refused to shift away from the current curriculum and teaching.
“The way Sex education is taught here is inadequate and is dominated by religious based ethos in many schools. 
Factual, objective and impartial sex education is not in place. 
“Instead sex education is often done from a religious point of view with LGBTQ issues and contraception ignored. Consent is not taught, instead there are just warnings to abstain.
“Solidarity’s #SexEd Bill will fully remove religious ethos from the teaching of sex education in schools. It is important that the Bill is passed as many of us don’t have confidence in this Minister to really tackle the issue of religious ethos in schools. 
“I’d call on young people especially to come to the Dáil on April 18th at 3pm to join a rally to support the Bill.”