Build Public Housing at Kilcarbery the Grange

Petition: Build public homes on public land at Kilcarbery The Grange

Solidarity - The Left Alternative have come up with an ambitious, positive proposal to develop 892 social & affordable homes at Kilcarbery The Grange, as an alternative to the current proposal, which would see 70% of the homes being privatised.

Solidarity’s proposal would see 536 of the 892 homes going to those on existing Council lists. This would be financed through the Social Housing Investment Fund. 

The remaining 356 homes would be would be offered at truly affordable mortgages, financed through the Housing Finance Agency and recouped fully over a 30 year period.

The council would have the first option to buy them back, thereby keeping them as part of public housing stock. 

South Dublin County Council owns enough land to provide 6,000 houses on public land.

However, in 2017 there were 0 local Authority Houses built in South Dublin.

The proposal for Kilcarbery The Grange is scalable and so could deliver those 6,000 homes across the County.

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