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Solidarity 5k Election Fundraiser

Run, Walk, Crawl, take a sponsorship card, sponsor a runner!
Do whatever you can to help fund a major Left, pro choice, anti-austerity and anti capitalist challenge at the next election

Unlike the mainstream parties Solidarity takes no money from big business and is reliant on donations from working class people, young people and our supporters

Hundreds of our supporters will be running a cross-country 5k in Dublin on October 15th to raise much needed funds to build for a left breakthrough at the next election

Can you run yourself? Take a card and collect sponsorship? Or even just donate what you can to sponsor a runner? e.g one of our TD's, Ruth Coppinger, Paul Murphy and Mick Barry, who will be running the race themselves

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  • Paula Watters
  • Amy La Grue
    I just backed Soldiarity's 5k Fun Run, you should too. Together we can build a new left alternative.
  • Amy La Grue
  • Ian D'Arcy
  • Maura Coppinger
  • Catherine Bourke
  • Donna Rose
  • Jennie Cruise
  • Francesca Placido
  • Dave Lordan
  • Joanna Orr
  • Catherine Naessens
  • Antonella Garofalo
  • Julie Daly
  • Margaret Beggan
  • Hugh Farrell
  • Yvonne Clarke
  • Helena Sheehan
  • Gwen Connell
  • Paul O Hanlon
  • Fergus Fay
  • David OConnell
  • Robert Harley
  • Donal Griffin
  • Lisa Wright
  • David Smyth
  • Keishia Taylor
  • Amanda Dylina Morse
  • Aisling Coppinger
  • Khalid Abbas