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  • Build Public Housing at Kilcarbery the Grange

    Petition: Build public homes on public land at Kilcarbery The Grange

    Solidarity - The Left Alternative have come up with an ambitious, positive proposal to develop 892 social & affordable homes at Kilcarbery The Grange, as an alternative to the current proposal, which would see 70% of the homes being privatised.

    GOAL: 65 signatures

    Solidarity’s proposal would see 536 of the 892 homes going to those on existing Council lists. This would be financed through the Social Housing Investment Fund. 

    The remaining 356 homes would be would be offered at truly affordable mortgages, financed through the Housing Finance Agency and recouped fully over a 30 year period.

    The council would have the first option to buy them back, thereby keeping them as part of public housing stock. 

    South Dublin County Council owns enough land to provide 6,000 houses on public land.

    However, in 2017 there were 0 local Authority Houses built in South Dublin.

    The proposal for Kilcarbery The Grange is scalable and so could deliver those 6,000 homes across the County.

    To view the detail proposal click here

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  • Minister for Health, Simon Harris, make emergency contraception available on request

    Petition_meme-001.jpgActing as an agent of the Department of Health, The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) imposes a requirement for a compulsory consultation for women to get access to the morning-after pill. This frequently results in an intimidatory, judgmental and questioning experience for women.

    The PSI also permits pharmacists to refuse to supply emergency contraception on the grounds of the 'personal moral standards of a pharmacist’.

    A case has been highlighted recently of a woman who sought emergency contraception after being raped. She was subjected to a lengthy, invasive questioning experience in a pharmacy and then was refused the morning-after pill.

    Access to emergency contraception should be provided on request. It should be provided with comprehensive related information, and with the option of a consultation, if the user chooses.

    The morning-after pill should be available on the same basis as other health care products and the conscientious objection clause should be removed.

    GOAL: 333 signatures
    • We call on the Minister for Health, Simon Harris, to introduce the legislative and regulatory changes required to make emergency contraception available from pharmacies on request, with consultations available as an option, for the user to decide.
    • We also demand that the Minister introduces the legislation and regulatory changes required to ensure that the conscientious objection clause for pharmacists is removed.
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  • Petition: Develop the Old Whitechurch Road as a new social & affordable community

    Solidarity - The Left Alternative are proposing an ambitious, costed proposal to develop 800 social & affordable homes on the Old Whitechurch Road in Cork City.

    GOAL: 76 signatures

    In Cork, there are currently nearly 5,000 on the housing waiting list, 43 homeless families and more and more workers and young people find it impossible to pay skyrocketing rents. This development could represent an important step towards dealing with the housing crisis in the city.

    However, Cork City Council plan to use the site for just 600 houses, with most to be sold on the open market at rates which will be unaffordable to many ordinary people.

    Our proposal contains 600 houses and 200 apartments. Nearly 80 four beds, 413 three beds, 550 two beds and nearly 100 one bed units. This includes 80 4-bedroomed houses; 300 3-bedroomed houses and 220 2-bedroomed houses. The proposal is also for 20 3-bedroomed apartments; 140 2-bedroomed apartments and 40 1-bedroomed apartments.

    50% will be ring-fenced for social housing and the other 50% will be available on an Affordable Mortgage Scheme.

    The Solidarity proposal includes plans for a community Centre with a dedicated youth Centre/cafe; green open space including football grounds; and a re-opening of the train stop at Kilbarry.

    We want this development to be funded from Cork's capital budget and investment from the Department of the Environment & the Housing Agency.

    Rather than hand this land over to a private developer, let’s use public land for public need and develop affordable homes for ordinary people.

    We call on Cork City Council to adopt this proposal.

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